Smart Integrated Automation for Your Home and Office


With so many products and solutions you owe it to yourself to find the best possible resource for home entertainment and systems integration technology. We are that resource.

  • You will be taken care of.

    Ideabox is a favorite among builders because when one company does it all, you have one person to go to. Fewer mishaps, and a smoother transition into your new or remodeled project.

  • You will have complete access to your own system. No secrets.

    We believe that you have a right to this documentation because it’s your system. This way, if for some reason you decide to have your system serviced by someone else, you will have everything you need.

  • You will have the benefit of doing business with a top dealer.

    We help you define your dreams and place at your fingertips the control, training, support, and service for years of high-tech excitement, ease, and enjoyment.

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